Workplace Conflict Resolution: The Power of Change

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Has there been a time when you’ve experienced conflict in the workplace that could not be resolved to your satisfaction? Did you wonder if there were steps that you could have taken that might have brought about a more positive result? Might you have considered the entire situation to have been unpleasant and you wished that you didn’t have to deal with it at all?

Conflict of one type or another is practically inevitable when people work together. There will always be differences of opinion and perspectives about workplace matters. Such differences need not create a situation where the disagreement becomes a highly charged dispute that can lead to strong negative emotions and unresolved issues.

By utilizing certain communication and interaction skills, conflicts are less likely to arise, and those that do develop can be more promptly and equitably resolved. In a spirited conversation, former hostage negotiator Jeff Owens and Dr. Ed Sherman will offer ideas and suggestions that will provide you with proven effective tools and techniques that are likely to change your view of conflict and enable you to deal with it much more readily and comfortably.

You will learn how to recognize when a conflict is escalating, what to do to stop and reverse the escalation, that not all conflict is bad and how some can be beneficial, and specific strategies to address conflict including when to elevate the matter within your organization and reach out for assistance.


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