Working and Leading in VUCA Times without losing your mind

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In the last decade, the level of complexity in the workplace has increased dramatically and this has created significant challenges for leaders in their day-to-day work. VUCA is a mental model that stands for volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.

The workplace environment and context that VUCA creates is one of constant change, with unclear information and outcomes, unknown variables and drivers, and a lack of clarity about the meaning of events.

Unfortunately, our tried-and-true strategies such as root cause analyses and strategic planning, are insufficient tools in the complexity of VUCA, yet often they are the only strategies our organizations and systems have at their disposal.

In this webinar, we will break down the components of VUCA and illuminate its antidote. Justice leaders use the VUCA model to better understand how they are showing up in the workplace and how to think through complex and adaptive challenges while moving forward with their vision for the future of their organization and teams.


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