Understanding Workplace Violence: Operationalizing Your Prevention Strategies in a Justice Environment

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In the first of this three-part seminar series we start with a question we often use in class: Somewhere in your community today, there is someone that you believe could be capable of carrying out an attack on your workplace?

Would you be surprised to learn that 800-1000 Americans are murdered in the workplace every single year in the U.S.? Did you know that OSHA recognizes homicide as a leading cause of death in the workplace? As a result, a company must have a workplace violence plan for their employees.  In this day and age, most organizations have policy and procedures in place to respond to a myriad of problems but few have a plan for workplace violence. During this seminar, we will discuss: the effects of workplace violence on American businesses, and what a workplace violence policy should cover with a proper response plan as well. We will discuss how an all-hazards approach can be beneficial for your workplace violence response plan, as well as other considerations such as high-risk terminations.

This series includes:


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