Understanding, Screening, and Interviewing for Law Enforcement: The Human Trafficking and Polyvictimization Nexus

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Many trafficked adolescents and young adults have been exposed to multiple layers of traumatic stress, including physical, sexual, and/or verbal abuse; witnessing violence; emotional neglect; and family dysfunction. This webinar explores polyvictimization and reviews common coercive strategies used by the traffickers, including the manipulation of these victims’ unmet physical and emotional needs. It identifies developmental trauma adaptations in these victims, including affect dysregulation and impulsivity; alterations in attention and consciousness; issues in interpersonal relationships; and impairments in self-perception and attributions.

The webinar concludes with recommendations based on research, including the development of developmentally and culturally appropriate trauma-informed services for sex-trafficked children and youth. The webinar also includes actionable measures to mitigate the factors of polyvictimization focused on improving the psychological and physical health of trafficked victims, which can serve as a basis for devising relevant interviewing and screening for agencies working closely with trafficked victims and survivors on how to mitigate the psychological and physical issues emerging out of the trafficking experience.


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