Understanding Police Tattoos

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Tattoos are widely accepted in American society today, however, tattoos that are specific to law enforcement agencies have become a significant problem for all policing agencies.  The issue for the professional police officer is whether police tattoos should continue to be embraced by the profession.  Unfortunately, officers with a defined police tattoo have become risk management issues for their agency and the cities for which they work.  Civil litigation awards have increased simply because an officer has a police tattoo even though they conducted themselves appropriately and lawfully.

This webinar will clearly define what a police tattoo is and why law enforcement has embraced it.  This practice is rooted in the validation of hard work, good policing practice, camaraderie, and an outwardly identifiable symbol of teamwork.  The discussion will include data from previous conversations about the culture of police tattoos. As law enforcement entities, we must address the following:

  • What is a police tattoo?
  • What are the reason for officers getting a police tattoo?
  • When does a police tattoo become a problem for the agency?
  • What process is used to determine if an officer should get a tattoo?
  • Why do police tattoos exist?
  • How can this practice be replaced with an alternative option?

This session will address the reasons why law enforcement personnel seek out police-specific tattoos along with the public’s perception of them.  To protect our officers and the future of our profession, a strategy must be developed to successfully replace culture of police tattoos.


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