The Trappings of Community Cats: How Field Personnel Can Avoid Problems and Focus on Solutions

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TNR, TNVR, RTF, SNR, RTF….It can all seem a little confusing.  What can your community do to address free-roaming cats that, all too often, find their way into the shelter? Communities across the U.S. have embraced models that proactively address community cats.

In this session, we will explore current and emerging terminology surrounding community cats and examine ways of addressing the overpopulation. As animal welfare professionals, we are the best equipped to provide factual information about humane handling and response to the needs of our community.

Unfortunately, the topic of how to address community cats can be quite polarizing.  This can result in complaints to your department, restructuring or even elimination of programs and services, or the implementation of programs that are void of parameters that prioritize the welfare of the animals. During this session, we hope to spark interest in the development of programs that focus on data-driven solutions to community cats.



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