Tactical Resilience: Physical practices for Peak Field Performance (part 2)

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    Modern policing places a heavy demand on your body, mind, and spirit. The key to being able to sustain peak field performance physically lies in enhancing the often overlooked Vagal nerve function. The Vagus nerve moderates virtually every system of the body and optimal “Vagal tone” is the physical training key to staying in the game and obtaining peak performance during critical incidents, as well as enhancing the speed of our recovery. Excellent Vagal tone is also critical for enhancing longevity and to create greater resilience against developing post-traumatic stress disorder. In this class you will learn the following techniques to enhance the function of the Vagus nerve that you can quickly master and directly apply to your personal and professional life;

    • Mitochondrial Enhancement
    • Energization Breath Work
    • Vocal Exercises
    • Cold Exposure Techniques
    • Sleep & Vagal Toning Best Practices


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