Successful Animal Management Program in Regional Australia: Lessons learned from a multi – agency approach

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    Building a successful animal management program from the ground up is challenging at the best of times but throw in the mix a low socio-economic area, poor trust in AMOs, limited resources, and a long history of high enforcement. Understanding the needs of a community, difficulties in an area as well as taking a multi-agency approach to a pilot animal management program has lead to amazing success for a regional Local Government in Australia. Gaining the trust of the community became the key to creating a successful working relationship.

    Come join Tina Martin and Ann-Marie Plasto to find out about how you could build a holistic approach to animal management programs in low socio-areas with great results.


    What you’ll learn:

    • Summary of current animal management pilot program in a regional Australian town.
    • Challenges faced and how they were overcome within the program.
    • Why a multi-agency approach to an animal management program leads to successful outcomes for everyone involved



    The Australian Institute of Animal Management (AIAM) is the national peak body representing Local Government Animal Management Officers. The AIAM Committee consists of a wide range of professionals engaged in the various aspects of animal management.

    AIAM seeks to support those engaged in the business of animal management, and the function itself, by providing training and information, opportunities for networking and collaboration, and by encouraging the use of best practice policy and practices. AIAM promotes consistency of legislation, consultation in the creation of legislation and workplace processes, and healthy relationships with external stakeholders and the community. AIAM supports cross-sector collaboration and co-design of projects and initiatives.



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