Recruiting and Mentoring Gen Z: How to Help Future Criminal Justice Leaders Succeed

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Are you trying to attract Gen Z to careers in law enforcement and public safety but don’t know how to reach them? Are you a criminal justice instructor, law enforcement trainer, or recruiter struggling to compete with inaccurate depictions of law enforcement roles? Perhaps you supervise early career staff who are still developing the core skills and attitudes for success. After completing this webinar, you will be able to explain the wide variety of positions available in law enforcement and public safety, debunk the common myths and stereotypes about law enforcement careers, and offer tips for serving with honor, integrity, and professionalism.

Leading the conversation is Dr. Tamara Lyn, a psychologist and retired Warden with decades of service in the federal prison system. She is also the Founder of High Ready Coaching and Consulting. Her experience is the foundation for insights into leadership, crisis management, and resilience in high-intensity, high-stakes environments.



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