Problematic Sexual Behaviors in Children and Adolescents: The Do’s and Don’ts for the Criminal Justice System

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When a child or adolescent sexually acts out it can be a scary experience for not just a parent, but also for the provider working with the family, especially if the child is justice system involved.  This webinar will first correct common myths and misconceptions about children who sexually act out (e.g., the supermajority of these children are highly responsive to treatment and are NOT pedophiles).

The second aspect of this webinar will be a walk-through of the evidence for how to treat these children and the likelihood of success (e.g., with appropriate, evidence-based practices children 3 to 18 who engage in these behaviors are up to 95% successful in treatment and do not sexually reoffend again).  Finally, the last part of this presentation will tie parts one and two together to answer the question of how providers in the criminal justice system can best help these families as well as keep the community and public safe.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The “rules of thumb” for addressing problematic sexual behaviors (PSBs) in youth.
  • Methods that are contraindicated and counter-therapeutic for intervening in youth with PSBs.
  • Specific resources (e.g., NCSBY) and interventions (e.g., PSB-CBT) that are effective in helping youth and families impacted by PSBs.


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