Organizational Stress – From the Administrative Perspective

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What is the number one stressor in the workplace? Is it the emotional or physical toll your career takes on us? Is it citizens that demand too much with little or no support or appreciation? Those things can and are stressful, but research tells us it is the internal or organizational stress that causes the most damage. As an administrator, you are in charge of an organization that is probably understaffed, underfunded and under a microscope. We also know that due to this environment, we are putting a lot of demands on those we supervise which can cause stress.

In Part 2 of this two-part series, we will examine the sources of organizational stress and why they exist. Then we will identify ways to mitigate the effects of organizational stress from the perspective of an administrator.

  • How to communicate effectively
  • Provide tools for front line supervisors to explain the reasons behind changes and decisions
  • Learning how to effectively receive input from staff
  • How to use coaching and mentoring to mitigate potential organizational stress
  • Inviting the “why” question
  • Communicating limitations of time, budget and resources
  • Understanding why “you” become the source of organizational stress the more you are promoted

Both frontline employees and administrators are encouraged to attend both sessions of this two-part webinar to gain perspectives from both views. In doing so, you learn to understand the pressures that exist at all levels to fulfill the mission of your organization.


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