Motivational Conversation: Creating Questions to Move People along an Intended Path while Building Relationships

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    Motivational Conversation is a process that is multi-faceted, easy to learn, and will help you get the best out of individuals, students, teams, communities, and organizations.  It is applicable in both professional and personal endeavors.

    Motivational Conversation has its roots in the adult learner environment where instruction is student-centered, conversationally oriented, and leads students along a path of self-discovery.  Too many times instruction is based on the teacher telling the students what they need to know.  With Motivation Conversation as an instructional practice, instruction is based on active learning where the adult learner is involved and contributes to the learning process.  While Motivational Conversation has been successfully used in the classroom, it is an effective tool for improving relationships with teams, executive councils, organizations, diverse communities, and individuals.  As an instrument for improvement though, Motivational Conversation must be rooted in goodness and doing right.  We aim to achieve the best for our people.

    Learn how to “Ask” versus “Tell” information, topics, concepts, goals, etc. in the many conversations that we have during our day.  Evaluate your ability to create questions that have a specific intent which creates conversations and builds influential relationships.  Motivational Conversation is a model of creating discussions which leads your intended audience along a path of development.


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