Managing as a Coach: Shifting Your Mindset

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Managers’ and trainers’ overall duty is to develop their colleagues and students. Often employee development is wrapped up in “what or how.” This is due to the criminal justice profession having become outcome-driven and an unreal expectation of perfection.  Most often the “what and how” are influenced by the why.  The why is cognitive and requires a different training strategy than tactical or physical skills.

We will look at the Cognitive Coaching philosophy developed by Gary Klein and adapted for the criminal justice professional.  Cognitive Coaching addresses two areas. The first is a mindset shift on the part of the manager or trainer.  Being curious about why errors happen, developing a beginner’s mindset, and simplification are included in the mindset shift required to teach cognitive skills.

The second addresses how to assist our colleagues and students in connecting the dots.  How insight becomes intuition and the role experience plays in sensemaking and better decision-making. Some of the techniques include the identification of subtle cues, Pre-mortems/After Action Reviews, and situational awareness.


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