Linking Serial Sexual Offenses: The Latest Science

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    In serial crimes such as sexual homicide and rape, the examination of whether offenders are consistent in their behavior over their series, or whether they change, escalate or whether they engage in predictable trajectories over time may provide a substantial addition to our understanding of psychological assessment of behavior, and ultimately may impact the reliability of predictions of re-offending.

    This talk aims to give an overview of the latest advancements in the field of crime scene analysis, specifically with reference to understanding consistency patterns across an offender’s series in cases of sexual crimes such as rape and sexual homicide. The specific focus will be on highlighting the most important aspects of the crime scene that can help identify a series, including the nature of the sexual activity, the type of crime (rape and sexual homicide), and also how the sexual component may be expressed through the type of victim targeted, such as in cases of sex workers.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Gain knowledge of the scientific field of behavioral crime scene analysis
    • Understand the key psychological considerations needed for evidence-based linkage analysis
    • Gain an understanding of the psychological concept of behavioral consistency, and how it is necessary for linking serial crimes in practice
    • Gain an overview of the key salient factors that have been shown to enable identifying different behavioral patterns in sexual offending



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