Lessons from the Field: How One Community Transformed Its Response to Animal Cruelty through Collaboration

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Resolution in animal cruelty response can take the form of criminal citation, compliance plans, or access to services. In striving for resolution, cases are best served when enforcement professionals can rely on trained veterinarians, animal rescue and sheltering entities, and community service organizations to lend their particular expertise to each case.

In this webinar, you will learn—through case studies and firsthand testimony—how the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Collaborative Response Project helped foster collaborative relationships for one community through training, grant funding, and hands on support.

Encourage animal control officers, veterinarians, traditional law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and community organizations in your area to tune in and explore the ways you can start building sustainable partnerships on behalf of animals today.  Be the first to learn how to apply to participate in the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s 2023 Collaborative Response Project.


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Founded in 1979, the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s mission is to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. The Animal Legal Defense Fund accomplishes this mission by filing high-impact lawsuits to protect animals from harm, providing free legal assistance and training to prosecutors to assure that animal abusers are held accountable for their crimes, supporting tough animal protection legislation and fighting legislation harmful to animals, and providing resources and opportunities to law students and professionals to advance the emerging field of animal law.





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