Leading in the Adaptive Space: Separating the Technical from the Adaptive

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In an era defined by rapid change and unpredictability, successful leadership demands a unique set of skills and strategies. The challenge is this: no two adaptive problems are the same.  There are no evidence-based checklists nor one surefire method to address them.   Instead, leaders are left with the critical task of diagnosing these challenges, untangling the technical components from the adaptive, and experimenting with solutions in artful ways. For many leaders, this feels daunting and risky.

Join us for an engaging presentation that explores the art of leading in the adaptive space. Discover how can untangle technical and adaptive problems within dynamic environments to drive innovation and create high-performing teams amidst uncertainty. Learn practical insights and real-world examples that will inspire and empower you to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of criminal justice with confidence and success. This presentation will use appreciative inquiry and an appreciative mindset to identify, challenge, and reimagine our most wicked and persistent challenges to uncover more creative ways to address underlying mindset issues that drive adaptive problems. This presentation is your roadmap to mastering the art of leading in the adaptive space.


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