Implementation Science Applied: A Fresh Look at a Persistent Challenge

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In today’s criminal justice environments, effective leaders are those who not only embrace the sciences of effective risk and recidivism reduction but also the science of effective implementation. These leaders are driven by the desire to change their organizations to authentically implement best practices and effective innovations.

Unfortunately, our commitment to excellence alone is not enough to overcome the challenges of real-world human systems.  In these less-forgiving environments, leaders are faced with critical human and systemic challenges that can often impede effective implementation.

Join Dr. Alexandra Walker as she introduces concepts from ACJI’s 5 Dynamics of Effective Implementation model and highlights opportunities to build implementation capacity in your organization.

Participants will learn the basic research behind implementation science and its importance in criminal justice settings. They will learn strategies to be more intentional with your organization’s outcomes and apply science-based solutions to your change strategies by focusing on people, data, culture, leadership, and feedback.


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