Goal Setter, Goal Getter: A Comprehensive Guide to Crafting and Exceeding Your Personal and Professional Goals

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Wed, Jan 22nd, 2025 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM ET
Wed, Jan 22nd, 2025 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM CT
Wed, Jan 22nd, 2025 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM MT
Wed, Jan 22nd, 2025 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM PT
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This webinar is for the professional woman who is tired of starting over. Who knows she has a purpose and goals she wants to achieve but somehow life, work, and fear get in the way. Find the work/life harmony you are seeking in this webinar!

During this presentation, we will share best practices and actionable steps designed for professional women looking to push past their fears and see sustainable results at home and at work. These principles apply to career goals and those home/life personal goals that often compete for your full attention.

During this webinar, we will focus on:

  • Create a roadmap for setting, meeting, and exceeding your personal and professional goals.
  • Complete practical exercises to help you develop the mindset needed for success.
  • Identify and overcome roadblocks to your success.
  • Establish healthy boundaries and overcome the fear of failure that halts your progress.


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Women in Federal Law Enforcement (WIFLE) is an organization of individuals working together to foster awareness of the value that women bring to law enforcement. WIFLE’s goals include recruitment, retention, and promotion of women in federal law enforcement occupations, and the continued development of an information sharing and support network. WIFLE promotes collaborative leadership styles and the development of programs and policies that balance community service with enforcement of the laws. WIFLE also serves as an information and resource network for women in federal law enforcement, domestically and internationally. WIFLE is a leader in diversity, equity and inclusion in the federal law enforcement profession, a cornerstone to effectively serving communities across the country.


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