Five Things Highly Effective Leaders Can Do During Turbulent Times

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    Researchers defined crisis as a common, though often unexpected, time-sensitive, high-impact event that may disrupt organizational functioning and pose relational threats. In a Deloitte online poll of more than 2,000 C-suite executives, managers, analysts, and crisis professionals from US and international companies were divided on who in their organizations would lead a crisis response. A large percentage also did not know what their biggest gap in crisis preparedness would be, and half of the respondents were not sure whether the crisis response team had been tested, including leaders.


    This presentation will cover the FIVE THINGS HIGHLY EFFECTIVE LEADERS can do during turbulent times:

    • Be Mindset-Aware. When you’re competent, it makes you capable and confident.
    • Be Situationally-Aware. It’s not if, but when. Be prepared for the moment.
    • Be Critic-Aware. Critics come from internal, external and from you.
    • Be Compassion-Aware. People are a priority, your priority.
    • Be Self-Care Aware. If you are not able to lead, then who will?


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