Emotional Labor: Are You Working Double Time?

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Working with people creates a daily adventure, which means no two work days are ever the same.  And although fulfilling, there are daily challenges as well, with some days being easier, and other days being harder, every day involves emotions.  Perhaps without even knowing it, you are likely working twice as hard throughout your days; primarily focusing on your career-related tasks but secondarily engaged in emotional labor.

Emotional labor is managing your emotions to complete the job at hand.  This is illustrated by an expression of emotion or suppression of emotion that doesn’t meet the internal emotion.  Seen across many sectors, some of the most common professional roles this is depicted in are law, social work, education, customer services, childcare, and advocacy.  Emotional labor is tiring and, over time, taxing, sometimes leading to stress and diminished well-being.

Together, let’s lighten your emotional labor load.

During this webinar, we’ll:

  • Define and describe emotional labor.
  • Reflect on instances of suppressed and expressed emotional labor.
  • Create a cope ahead plan.


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NACP and D-SAACP Advocates can earn 1 CEU by attending this webinar through the National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP)® and the DoD Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program (D-SAACP). Founded in 1975, the National Organization for Victim Advocacy (NOVA) is dedicated to the professionalization, leadership and future of the victim advocacy field. To learn more about NOVA, visit trynova.org.




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