Decision-Making: Maximizing Best Outcomes

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    Have you ever made a decision as a leader that did not produce the desired result, and wondered if there was a way to improve outcomes? You believed that you knew what you needed to know to make a successful evaluation of a situation and respond accordingly, yet somehow it did not turn out the way that you expected. This is an issue that virtually all supervisors, managers, and executives have faced at various points in their careers, and maximizing success is central to effectively attaining organizational goals. Dr. Ed Sherman has researched public safety decision-making, including engaging in interviews and discussions with experienced agency leaders, and he will share insights regarding what seasoned professionals say have, and have not, created effective outcomes in both day-to-day and critical, high-risk situations. Although human interactions and situations vary, and effective results cannot always be produced with certainty, there are techniques and methods, as will be discussed in this webinar, that can help achieve objectives more consistently.


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