Cultivating a Cognitive Coaching Mindset

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A cognitive coaching mindset involves fostering a collaborative and supportive environment where individuals can explore their thinking, set goals, and take action to improve their cognitive skills. It’s about empowering individuals to become more effective and self-directed in their thinking and decision-making processes. In this follow-up to our September 2023 webinar, we will take a deep dive into the mindset shift trainers and leaders need to transform their own skill sets. 

 Join us as we look at the 6 mindset shifts of a cognitive coach and techniques on how to implement them into our management tool bag. Cognitive coaching will reduce subordinate dependency while increasing competency.  Cognitive coaching will assist Gen Z employees with decision-making and critical thinking abilities. Areas that new criminal justice employees struggle with and need to be developed in the Gen Z subordinate. I am looking forward to sharing our time together to help you with your professional development.


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