Crime Scene Analysis Decision Making

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The major tasks of a police investigation is typically to collect, assess and utilize a great variety of sources of information that provide accounts of crime and make decisions on these, to make decisions in high-risk environments, and assess the quality of information and reports used for decision-making purposes.

The main challenge to investigators is to make important decisions. A lot of information, much of which may be of unknown reliability, needs to be amassed and digested. Science shows us that these are conditions that may lead to biases in thought processes, and consequently decision making. Recognition of the potential for these problems can lead to the development of procedures to reduce their likelihood.

This webinar aims to highlight how we may apply an understanding of psychology to the area of investigative decision-making as applied to analyzing crime scenes and will introduce participants to the importance of Informed Decision Making and Evidence Led Practice. This will be done with particular emphasis on two key areas of focus:

  • Understanding how the brain impacts how we see and interpret information
  • Understanding how our brains influence what we determine as being important, and as such how this influences the information we collect at the crime scene, which can often lead to using information that can lead the investigation astray.



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