Cognitive Coaching: Connecting Dots, Decision-making, Sensemaking and Critical Thinking

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Cognitive coaching plays a crucial role in teaching decision-making, sensemaking, and critical thinking skills. Cognitive coaching helps individuals enhance their decision-making abilities by guiding them through a structured process. This may involve identifying the decision to be made, gathering relevant information, considering alternatives, evaluating options, and making a well-informed choice.

 Sensemaking involves making sense of complex situations or problems. Cognitive coaching assists individuals in developing the skills to navigate ambiguity, analyze information, and construct meaning from diverse sources.

 Cognitive coaching is closely aligned with the development of critical thinking skills. Coaches encourage individuals to question assumptions, evaluate evidence, consider alternative viewpoints, and make reasoned judgments.

 Coaches can introduce problem-solving frameworks or models to provide a systematic approach to decision-making and critical thinking. These frameworks help individuals structure their thinking and make the problem-solving process more explicit. Cynefin, OODA, Red Teaming, and Mental Models are forms of problem-solving frameworks.

 Join us as we explore how the manager can coach their subordinate to develop a robust set of cognitive skills that are applicable across various situations and challenges. I am looking forward to training with you.


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