Beyond CIT: Establishing Mental Health Support Teams for Law Enforcement Agencies

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Tue, Jun 18th, 2019 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET
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Responding to those experiencing mental health challenges or addiction requires a unique set of skills that many in law enforcement simply don’t have. Knowing the challenges facing their jurisdiction, the Tucson Police Department developed a unique approach in order to support their community’s needs.

This session provides a “50,000 Foot” overview of the mental health and substance use disorder programs housed by the Tucson PD. In addition to learning about federal funding opportunities available to visit Tucson, Arizona to learn more about this innovative program, we’ll also discuss:

  • the Substance Use Disorder Deflection Program – which offers 24/7/365  transportation to on-demand treatment and/or detox.
  • the Co-Responder Program – which provides clinicians for on-scene responses, followup, case management triage, and assistance with deflecting individuals into treatment instead of the jail,
  • the Peer Navigator Program – comprised of uniquely trained team members with lived experience in substance use and/or mental health issues who help provide “wrap-around services” for deflected individuals and training to law enforcement personnel.
  • as well as an overview of our Learning Site Program.
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