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Understanding Autism for Law Enforcement, First Responders and other Criminal Justice Professionals

Whether you are an officer responding to an incident where a young man is “repeatedly pacing” on the sidewalk, a first responder in search of a missing girl who is autistic, or a victim advocate/social services professional who needs to provide support and assistance to a crime victim, chances are you will at some point encounter someone living on the autism spectrum. Autism is the most rapidly growing disability, with up to 20% of individuals with Autism having interacted with law enforcement in the last year. People with autism also report higher rates of bullying, child abuse, and victimization.

This course is designed to provide law enforcement officers and other justice professionals with detailed information about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and an understanding of how ASD manifests in individuals who are on the spectrum. In addition, participants will learn about and practice applying strategies to support and interact successfully with people on the spectrum. Interactive case studies throughout the course allow participants to engage deeply with course material and to practice utilizing course content to navigate complex scenarios and reflect on their own interactions.

The course contains three main parts. The first covers information about ASD, LEO, and Justice interactions with ASD, and what we know about the current state of best practices. The second moves from descriptions of ASD symptoms to how those symptoms manifest in common interactions. The section also begins to describe and allow practice in positive, proactive strategies to address each of those characteristic behaviors. Finally, the third section of the course will involve a detailed review and reflection on multiple case studies based on real, complex scenarios encountered in the community.


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Whether you are new in the field or you’re ready to take the next step in your career, consider investing in your future through this course which is filled with more than six hours of instruction, activities and exercises designed to help you grow and succeed in your role.


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Taught by Dr. Wes Dotson who has over 20 years of experience working with individuals on the autism spectrum.


Consists of more than 12 formal and informal case studies to illustrate learning concepts.

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Your online course is filled with more than 6 hours of instruction, activities, and exercises designed to help you grow and succeed in your role.








Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Wes Dotson

Wes Dotson is an Applied Behavior Analyst with over 20 years of experience working with individuals on the autism spectrum, their families, and the professionals who serve them. After earning his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas, he spent 13 years as a professor at Texas Tech University and the University of Missouri before moving into private practice and professional development full-time. He has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) since 2008.

He has worked across the lifespan and across school, clinic, home, community, justice, and residential treatment settings. His primary areas of practice are social skills, relationship development, and successful life outcomes for adolescents and young adults with autism, as well as the preparation of teachers, law enforcement, and other professionals to work successfully with individuals on the spectrum.

What People Are Saying about This?

This training really helps me understand ASD. I have someone in my transitional housing program with ASD. I only wished I’d taken this training before my resident moved in 4 years ago.”

- Scott

As a co-responder with the police department, this presentation gave me ideas on how to instruct the police to respond to autism calls. Very simple points but important.

- Stephen

As a mother of an autistic son in prison, and a 30+ year Law Enforcement employee, I am grateful that Dr. Dotson is educating the Law Enforcement community about interacting with folks on the spectrum. … so this issue is very personal for some of us in the audience. Thank you, Dr. Dotson!

- Debbie

How to help children and adults on the spectrum feel more comfortable in stressful situations. I am involved in Child Protective Services and this helped me understand how a child with autism will express more stress than other children when involved in CPS. Great training with many real-life examples.

- Geri

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