Writing Performance Reviews the SMART Way

Writing Performance Reviews the SMART Way
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Resources
Recorded January 18, 2018
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Unit 3 Webinar Notes: Writing Performance Reviews the SMART Way

Regardless of the industry or the niche of your business, organization, or agency, Performance Review is a great way to ensure that your workforce remains competitive. Further, employees need Performance Reviews to reflect on the accomplishments in their role and their professional goals and plans. It also allows them to identify the challenges they face in the job and with the help of their superiors, come up with ways to overcome these.

In the field of law enforcement and justice, there are more important and more urgent tasks to do. Conducting performance reviews may seem like tedious and trivial tasks that must be accomplished for the sake of compliance. Performance reviews can also be challenging as it forces you to backtrack on instances that might seem to have been ages ago, question one’s biases, and can be a point of contention between employee and manager.

Today’s guest speaker is Natasha Terk of Write It Well and Adcom Design. Natasha has more than 14 years conducting workshops and webinars providing consulting services in the realm of Human Resources.  She joins Justice Clearinghouse today to provide the attendees with tangible tools, best practices, insights, and samples when it comes to writing employee performance review. Some of the details she touched on in this session include key takeaways on:

  • The importance of performance reviews in various aspects of an employees’ professional life that will:
    • Impact succession planning, salary appraisal, and their growth within a role.
    • Give both the employees and manager a chance to give feedback, celebrate accomplishments and express grievances.
    • Be used in other aspects of one’s career, and may be applied in other documents one writes.
  • The different challenges that both the managers and employees experience when doing the performance reviews.
  • Things to remember when conducting performance reviews.
  • Common problems encountered with performance documentation.
  • Writing performance objectives by using the SMART/SMARTER model.
  • The reason performance objectives and standards must be made measurable/quantifiable.
  • The specific steps to take when writing your SMART performance objectives.
  • Things to integrate into all performance review-related documentation such as:
    • The difference between objective and subjective language, and the benefits of using objective language.
    • Using descriptive language in an objectively positioned document, as well as evaluations and decisions.
    • How to write specific and complete descriptions to be used in performance review documents by answering basic questions.
  • Numerous examples were given to provide a clear picture of what SMART, objective, specific and complete looks like when written down.
  • Quick polls gauged the attendees’ familiarity with performance review systems, the SMART model, their familiarity with descriptive language positioning, and to assess what they’ve learned from the session.
  • Attendees sought practical recommendations in the Q&A portion on:
    • How they can enforce the performance review process in their agencies.
    • Methods in gathering information and documentation.
    • The practice of self-review.
    • The prescribed performance review cycle.


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