Women in Leadership – A Discussion about Opportunities, Hurdles, and Benefits

Women in Leadership – A Discussion about Opportunities, Hurdles, and Benefits
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2022-11-03
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Being a woman in a male-dominated industry presents obstacles that can either prevent you from going further in your career or fuel you to pursue your goals one by one. This session features a panel of women in leadership roles talking about their challenges, and their journey towards accomplishing their goals.

The panel includes:

  • Brenda Dietzman, a passionate speaker who has more than 28 years of law enforcement and corrections experience who retired as the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office’s Undersheriff in charge of jail operations
  • Tira Hubbard, with 27 years of experience in person-centered services having worked in victim advocacy and probations and parole and currently Director of the Adult Parole and Probation Department of Jackson County in Southern Oregon
  • Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt, a career law enforcement officer since 1985 and served much of her career in campus policing where she was appointed Chief of Police at the University of Northern Colorado and Chief at Colorado State University, and most recently the Chief of Staff for the Miami Beach Police Department

Topics covered this panel discussion include:

  • The one thing that these seasoned leaders know now but wish they knew then.
    • To grab the opportunity to do something different than what you’re doing now, even if it is something you do not choose – to not fight it but lean into it and build it into something powerful.
    • Have a plan to map out your journey towards your destination in terms of your career and life, remembering that expectations may differ from reality, and that having sponsors and allies can make your path easier.
    • That the only person you can control is you – how you react or respond to things determines your outcomes.
  • The primary thing they wrestled with in their careers.
    • Not being liked and letting this affect work performance, understanding the inverse correlation between being liked and success for women, and using communication to mitigate, if not overcome this.
    • Finding a mentor to provide you with confidence, competence, support, and honest feedback that friends and family may not be able to provide you with.
    • Learning the art of small talk as a means to building relationships that are highly valuable both for your organizational, professional, and personal success.
  • Things learned from the risks they took.
    • That burnout is real and can drive people to retire early on, and how proper self-care and a support system can help alleviate exhaustion and even provide post-retirement options.
    • To not be so afraid of taking the risks and engage your loved one to take the risks with to improve both your professional and personal lives.
    • To overcome imposter syndrome by shifting the focus from the limited things that you know to your unlimited ability to learn and grow when faced with new steps and things.
  • Identifying their allies and the help they were able to provide them with.
    • The value in empowered women empowering other women.
    • That allies come in different forms and do not just provide support and assistance but can also challenge you and call you out when needed.
    • How allies and mentors can push you towards the bigger version of you that you may not be able to see or imagine for yourself just yet.
  • Closing advice for women in the profession to:
    • Recognize that there’s only one you and the importance of being kind to yourself and nourishing your mind and body.
    • Take advantage of opportunities and not let not having all the answers hinder you from them as you can always learn from others and as you go along.
    • Be authentically you and leverage your uniqueness and strengths to go further in your career and achieve your goals.

Questions from the webinar attendees are about:

  • Managing young team members and their different life priorities and goals.
  • How to deal after not getting a promotion and the importance of how to conduct yourself after adversity.
  • The recommended timeline to stay in a role or organization.
  • Overcoming self-doubt due to burnout or exhaustion.
  • Being in a job that you love but in a toxic work environment.
  • Being denied opportunities to training and other career opportunities based on gender.
  • Qualities to look for in a mentor.


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Audience Comments

  • “I really liked how the speakers encouraged me to take control of my life, my career, and essentially my own happiness. It really made me think about my current career and if it’s the best fit.”– A
  • “You need a mentor. You need to take risks. It’s nice to know that women in executive positions are not all narcissists and that they doubt themselves. This is my fave webinar series you have offered at Justice Clearinghouse! Thank you!” — Elaine
  • “It is encouraging to hear from a panel that has experienced challenges you go through the day to day- provides hope!” — Esther
  • “The individual perspectives brought by each presented in managing the work/life balance of the Justice field.” — Michael
  • “To stop thinking that I’m not qualified to Lead, or that everyone else is more qualified. That I don’t have to know the position 100% to try and move forward to it. Thank you all, I wished this was available 30 years ago when I started this job, who knows where I would’ve been now!! ” 🙂 — Stefanie
  • “This webinar reinforced the need to keep moving, acquiring skills, and networking. Thank you for a great session!” — Annabelle
  • “Excellent speakers, presentation. Great relatable examples through the different real-life stories. Helpful to all listening in. Thank you.” — Kathy
  • “I appreciate the book suggestions and the empowerment I receive from the ladies who are in management roles. It gives me the confidence I can be an awesome supervisor.” — Miranda
  • “Loved the emphasis on being authentically yourself in all situations and remember that you have to live with your decisions, so do what makes you happy and fulfilled in your job.” — Dena
  • “Real talk from real females with lived experience.” — Felecia
  • “As a supervisor, I appreciated the webinar.” — Robert
  • “The sheer powerfulness of women and a great space to share our stories and trials and triumphs. Felt like a really safe space to be vulnerable with no judgment and/or condescension!!” — Tyreesa
  • “Everything! My answer may not be helpful to your organization but just know I was richly blessed.” — Matthew


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