Who’s Up Next: Succession Planning for Continuous Organizational Growth

Who's Up Next: Succession Planning for Continuous Organizational Growth
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2018-08-02
Unit 1Slide Deck: Succession Planning for Continuous Organizational Growth
Unit 2Recording: Succession Planning for Continuous Organizational Growth
Unit 3Workbook: Who’s Up Next: Succession Planning for Continuous Organizational Growth

Leadership is very important for any organization. Thus, hiring the right candidates and succession planning is critical to ensure an organization’s continuity. Finding the right leaders can be elusive especially when the culture of the organization did not prepare the future leaders for what lies ahead.

Thomas Dworak is a seasoned educator with more than three decades in the field of law enforcement. He is a trailblazer who sets to revolutionize law enforcement training by equipping officers with decision-making and critical thinking skills to guide them wherever their career leads them.

Thomas Dworak is again the esteemed guest for this Justice Clearinghouse webinar as he examines succession planning for continuous organization. He unpacks the reasons why law enforcement agency aren’t as adept in finding their leaders. He also provided the characteristics to look for and methods to develop in the future leaders.

Some of the specifics Thom discussed include:

  • The lack of training and development opportunities offered prior promotion that results in agencies not being able to identify the team members with the aptitude for leadership and growth early on.
  • Leaving development and growth to chance in hopes that the cream rises to the top which results in the promotion of those who are not yet prepared for the next level.
  • How organizational issues arise due to yes-people who simply agree with their leaders’ decisions.
  • How fear affects leaders with thoughts of their subordinates surpassing them if they provide the opportunities for development.
  • The shortage of financial and/or workforce resources to make the necessary trainings possible that puts finding and making leaders less of a priority for the agencies.
  • Characteristics to look for and develop in future leaders such as decision making, sensemaking, and critical thinking.
  • The significance of emotional intelligence through its pillars of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.
  • The important leadership traits of having the ability to accept failure and learn lessons from mistakes.
  • What mentoring, coaching and training is and what is entailed in each of these processes.
  • The importance of setting the future leaders’ pathways to success through the organizational culture and practices like job rotation, internal leadership, and training initiatives, and maximizing other available learning opportunities onsite, online and offline.
  • Poll questions focused on dealing with failure and the existence of a formal succession program in the participants’ respective agencies.
  • Thom answered questions during the Q&A related to:
    • Thom’s voracious reading
    • Reluctance to do succession planning
    • Ensuring diversity in succession planning
    • Ways to set yourself apart from the crowd, get ahead and bring value to the organization
    • Mistakes people do in their attempt to move up in the organization
    • Creating programs and fostering a culture of next-generation leaders on a budget


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