After the Webinar: Modern 311. Q&A with Callan Faulkner and Lauren Lahm

Webinar presenters Lauren Lahm and Callan Faulkner answered a number of your questions after their presentation, Modern 311: Engage Citizens and Empower Employees. Here are a few of their responses.


Audience Question: Are you aware of any grant opportunities that cities can submit for help with 311 implementations? 

Lauren/Callan:  There are a couple of our clients in the non-profit sector that have applied for grants for the Dynamics 365 platform, for technology/modernization grants. I can do research and provide the detailed information after.


Audience Question: Does this integrate with other systems that you have? Can you share any examples or stories of other systems that you integrated with?

Lauren/Callan:  We've integrated with large ERP systems such as Oracle, SAP, GIF, older systems like Access Databases. Integrations and migrations are a massive part of what we do. We have lots of AS/400 integrations. Every government client we have is integrated into another system.

 We do encourage for older systems to be migrated to Dynamics platform.


Audience Question: Going back to the statistics you provided about citizen attitudes and behavior on technology, can you share your resources for that? 

Lauren/Callan:  I was using mostly Harvard Business Review. GovTech is also another awesome resource for anything government and technology related. 


Audience Question: Talking about capabilities that are offered to in-house employees through a 311 system, was it primarily their ability to fill-out work orders and complete their tasks online, or are there some other capabilities? 

Lauren/Callan: It can give internal employees knowledge, insights and data to achieve greater efficiency with less training. It can give employees the data to make informed decisions. 

By giving them a modern application that supports agent navigation, one interface to navigate through all the systems. Instead of monitoring an email inbox, phone, and other channels everything is consolidated and simplified.

Automation reduces paper trail and duplicate/redundant reports. Integrating and automating will save time, allow transparency and accurate updates.


Audience Question: Are you guys currently integrating or working with third-party virtual assistants such as Alexa. Where do you see 311 systems going with those?  

Lauren/Callan:  Yes. Voice, virtual reality and other modern pieces of technology can be integrated with the system. Microsoft just put out a contest for anyone that can come up with the greatest integration with Alexa in the Microsoft platform. 


Audience Question: Are you able to provide approximately how long does it take to implement a basic 311 system that really is customized around a specific process or integrated? 

Lauren/Callan: Three to four months is the base. For the larger scale, it is around eight to twelve months.


Click Here to View a Recording of Lauren Lahm and Callan Faulkner's presentation, Modern 311: Engage Citizens and Empower Employees.



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