After the Webinar: Making the Character Connection – The Dynamic of Virtue. Q&A with Ray Nash

 Webinar presenter Ray Nash answered a number of your questions after his presentation, Making the Character Connection – The Dynamic of Virtue. Here are some of his responses.


Audience Question: How do you approach negative behavior from an employee or probation client?

Ray: There is a character-based approach to correction as well. That is to do the character connection reverse. Say that the reason for the issue/failure is their inability to practice specific virtues necessary to the success of the case/project/task, etc.


Audience Question: Is there a way to tactfully address individuals who think that they have the character and want to be acknowledged for this but still have a little bit more way to go?

Ray: You need to set the foundation, there are five components to this. First, establish your standards, which virtues are the non-negotiables. Second, embrace it – communicate it, reflect it in training, policies, procedures, selection and disciplinary processes. Third, embody the standards – be the role model of the standards. Fourth, encourage the standard – through motivation, commendation, which is the topic of the webinar. Last, is to enforce the standard.

You can turn the tables and ask them, which virtue did you not see in how you handled the situation/case, etc.


Audience Question: What are some concrete ways to make sure that you are hiring for character? What are some techniques that will really get to the heart of someone's character before we onboard them?

Ray: It's tough, people can keep their true character and motivations concealed. This can be done through a thorough background investigation. Go back to past employers, driving history, credit history, criminal history. Contact all their character references, and then ask the references for other possible references – it is these people who can provide a clearer picture.


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