Watch Your Six: Because Making it Home is Just the Beginning (Part 1)

Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2019-11-21
Unit 1Slide Deck: Watch Your Six, Because Making It Home is Just the Beginning (Part 1)
Unit 2Workbook: Watch Your Six Part 1
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It’s s been said that in life we juggle rubber and glass balls. The rubber balls represent aspects of our life that we can bounce back from. The glass balls are those that if dropped are bound to be damaged if not completely broken. This webinar focuses on the glass balls, or what Jonathan Parker calls, the six – the vulnerable areas we must focus on and the dangers that can creep in if left unguarded.

This session’s resource speaker, Jonathan Parker, served as Patrol Officer and Patrol Training Officer in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Hamilton County, Tennessee.  He also served as a School Resource Officer, Adjunct Training Instructor, a member of the Crisis Intervention Team for mental health crisis response and a volunteer member of the Tennessee Public Safety Network’s Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team.

This course zeroed in on:

  • Jonathan’s story that became the precursor to his dedication to health and well-being.
  • A look into the different causes of death in the law enforcement field that highlight the importance of watching your six.
  • The concept of watching your six – that is the vulnerable areas in one’s life that pose dangers if not addressed.
  • The six areas of health and wellness we must pay attention to.
    • Mental health that requires recognizing issues and stigma, utilizing available resources, and providing organizational support.
    • Marital health which involves honoring the oath of marriage as much as the oath taken for the job.
    • Muscle health that focuses on habits and choices that physically nourish and strengthen.
    • Money health that entails discipline to live within our means and prepare for the future.
    • Missional health which underlines the role that the organization and leadership play in the wellness of its team members, and how it can set them up for success.
    • Ministry health that concentrates on strong spiritual health, morals, and ethics required to stay resilient in the profession.
  • The Q&A revolved around:
    • Getting started on working on these six areas of wellness.
    • How Jonathan practices his self-care.
    • The shift in the culture of law enforcement when it comes to acknowledging and accepting mental health issues within the workforce.
    • Implementing and ensuring confidentiality.


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Audience Comments:

  • “This speaker was very good at relaying information in a format that was very understandable. I liked his breakdown of personal health and well-being and I am looking forward to more of his webinars.” — Teresa
  • “Jonathan is a great storyteller. The information provided was great. Looking forward to Part 2.” — Thomas
  • “This is a series of topics that need more attention in the criminal justice arena. LE Officers and Correctional Officer would certainly benefit from hearing Jonathan’s message.” — Tony
  • “It is very important to take stock of your life as a whole and that the whole cannot function at full capacity if one or more parts are damaged or not functioning at the proper level. We should have a never give up attitude for all aspects of our lives.” — Patricia
  • “Just beginning to talk about the effects of the job and have a safe place to share and listen. We are taught not to share emotion, it is truly time to start to share and heal! Thank you, Johnathan!” — Kathleen
  • “I am not a sworn officer, but I know the kind of stress they are under so this is a very important subject and the presenter was very passionate about this topic.” — Ken
  • “The most valuable thing for me was talking about taking care of myself so I am able to care for others. The 6 M’s were great! Mental health is so important and there are so many who do not recognize the impact of NOT taking care of our mental health.” — Kathy


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