Vulnerable Adult Abuse

Vulnerable Adult Abuse
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded February 22, 2017
Unit 1 Slide Deck for Prosecuting Vulnerable Adult Abuse
Unit 2 Video: Vulnerable Adult Abuse
Unit 3 Webinar Notes: Vulnerable Adult Abuse

In 1960, a person could expect to live until they were about 69. Today? “Sixty is the new 50.”

With better health care, diet and exercise, most of us are living longer: the average life expectancy in the US is 78 – but stretching to 89 for middle and upper income Boomers with better access to a wider range of health care options.

That growth means that while, today, the older population may number 46.2 million Americans – or 14.5%, or 1 in 7 Americans – by 2060 the elder population will double, approaching 98 million, and are expected to be 21% of the population by as early as 2040.

But that also increases the opportunity for a little understood and all too tragic crime in our communities: that of Vulnerable Adult and Elder Abuse.

Vulnerable Adult Abuse is a constellation of forms of abuse that we see in the general population as well:

  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Psychological Abuse
  • Financial Exploitation
  • Neglect

Research shows that for every documented case of elder/vulnerable adult abuse, 24 go unreported.

Through this webinar you will learn:

  • what the laws are in Arizona that apply to Vulnerable Adult Abuse,
  • things to look for in recognizing if a Vulnerable Adult is being abused,
  • and how to report a case of Vulnerable Adult abuse.
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