Video Interview: Trauma in the Workplace with Katharine Manning (Full Interview)

This is our full interview with authorwebinar presenter, and online course creator Katharine Manning.

During this interview,  Katharine discusses:

  • how her career shaped and informed her work for her book, The Empathetic Workplace, and her online course Trauma in the Workplace: A Better Response,
  • how criminal justice managers can support their employees during times of trauma,
  • the limitations of compartmentalizing,
  • how our natural empathetic tendencies can both help us do our jobs better but also hurt our own mental health if we aren’t proactive as well,
  • why creating an empathetic workplace is good business,
  • empathy’s potential role in containing employee turnover
  • some tips to build empathy into organizational culture.




Click Here to Learn More about the Online Course, Trauma in the Workplace: A Better Response.

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