Untrue Medical Defenses in Abusive Head Trauma & How to deal with them

Untrue Medical Defenses in Abusive Head Trauma & How to deal with them
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2019-04-18
Unit 1Slide Deck: Untrue Medical Defenses in Abusive Head Trauma

The investigation and prosecution of Abusive Head Trauma cases is fraught with perceived contradictions in the medical literature.  In fact, AHT is very well accepted medical concept worldwide which is supported by hundreds of well-done medical research papers, literature reviews, and case reports.  This presentation is designed to give prosecutors & investigators a good working command of the latest medical literature on AHT, including the rather flawed literature that often appears in AHT medical defenses. As well, at the end of the presentation, prosecutors should be better able to predict and combat untrue medical defenses in their cases.


If you are not a professional with significant experience with Abusive Head Trauma cases, please consider signing up for our 2-part webinar series:



Audience Comments:

  • “This webinar was phenomenal! In 19 years I’ve only had one abusive head trauma case go to trial and the offender got off on the Maiming charge because we didn’t “prove that the suspect knew shaking a baby would cause AHT”. Within six years he did the same thing to another infant (in another jurisdiction). That case has haunted me so I’m always seeking training to help my team be able to successfully overcome defense false claims and in this hour you have both armed me to create stronger future cases.” — Gennie
  •  “A Must for the Homicide Investigator.” — Robert
  • “The medical investigation, legal arguments, checklist, theories, literature reviews…..so much information that we can utilize as an agency.” — Gina
  • “The information in this webinar was extremely helpful-it gives me the tools to start answering these defense arguments!” — Kate


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