Understanding Workplace Violence: Operationalizing Your Prevention Strategies in a Justice Environment

Understanding Workplace Violence: Operationalizing Your Prevention Strategies in a Justice Environment
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2019-02-21
Unit 1Slide Deck: Understanding Workplace Violence
Unit 2Workbook: Understanding Workplace Violence: Operationalizing Your Prevention Strategies in a Justice Environment
Unit 3Recording: Understanding Workplace Violence

On February 15, 2019, another shooting incident took place – this time around, it is in Aurora, Illinois. Gary Martin, a worker at Henry Pratt Co., open fired and killed five other employees, after being fired. He proceeded and wounded five of the responding police officers before he was killed in the shootout.

There have been 11,613 deaths by workplace violence recorded between 1992 and 2006 – and these numbers have been continually rising since. Mark Warren of Stretegos International joins Justice Clearinghouse as the instructor for this webinar to discuss workplace violence. Mark Warren is currently the VP and Director of Training for Strategos. Mark has a 27-year law enforcement career serving in various roles – he was a tactical team member, undercover operative, instructor, and sergeant.

On this course, he will walk us through the importance of implementing a workplace violence plan for organizations. Highlights of the discussion include:

  • A backgrounder on the community response theory that stresses how the shooter, the victims, witnesses, and the responders all come from the community.
  • The components of an effective prevention response training with a comprehensive approach that covers awareness, indicators, risk assessment, communication, and de-escalation.
  • The three phases of an incident and how it allows organizations to understand the roles that must be fulfilled for each phase.
  • The importance of the prevention phase in preparation for possible incidents to put appropriate responses into place.
  • The different components of the prevention phase from risk identification, raising awareness, threat recognition, security assessment, reporting channels and communications, and visitor management.
  • Understanding the scope and limitations of workplace violence and the types of violence/incidents included.
  • Overcoming denial of the risk as one of the most important steps in risk assessment.
  • The different types of potential workplace violence events based on the reason and actors involved.
  • Statistics portraying the fatalities and injuries on workplace violence including the type of violence and the locations of the incidents.
  • The economic side of workplace violence that impacts businesses through:
    • Direct costs as workers’ compensation, hospital bills, liability and legal fees.
    • Indirect costs like negative publicity, loss of productivity, and turnover.
  • Various factors that could potentially lead to workplace violence.
  • The importance of maintaining levels of awareness and the different level of mental awareness that must be practiced dependent on the situation
  • Pre-incident indicators to watch out for in individuals.
  • The stages of conflict and the different conflict management approaches that may be utilized.
  • A look into the level of threat and aggression that people may go through and its physical and behavioral indicators.
  • The different solutions that Strategos provides to its clients
  • Mark also clarified the audience’s questions on:
    • Case law referring to inadequate training for workplace violence.
    • If there is such a thing as low-risk termination.


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