Understanding Medical Records for Your Child Abuse Investigation and Prosecution Efforts

Understanding Medical Records for Your Child Abuse Investigation and Prosecution Efforts
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2018-08-14
Unit 1Slide Deck: Understanding Medical Records for Your Child Abuse Investigation and Prosecution Efforts
Unit 2Recording: Understanding Medical Records
Unit 3Workbook: Understanding Medical Records for Your Child Abuse Investigation and Prosecution Efforts

Medical reports and records make all the difference when it comes to proving child abuse cases. The medical field is one of the most prestigious career paths that entail years and years of expert studies, but at times, criminal justice professionals must have a working understanding of it to ensure the accurate assessing, charging, and trying for child abuse cases.

Today’s speakers, Dyanne Greer and Roger Blevins join forces on this course to tackle medical records in child abuse cases. Dyanne is a prosecutor specializing in child physical abuse and homicide case. She works as the Deputy County Attorney for the Maricopa County Attorney’s office. Meanwhile, Roger is a renowned medical expert specializing in child physical abuse, sexual abuse, and homicide, currently working at the Cardon Children’s Hospital in Mesa, Arizona.

Dyanne and Roger integrate medicine with criminal justice to investigate and solve child abuse cases. Some of the areas they covered include:

  • A detailed discussion of the different medical professionals that law enforcement and prosecutors may need to coordinate with and their roles.
  • A basic overview of the medical charting terms that criminal justice professionals need to learn.
  • A rundown of all the specific medical records and reports that law enforcement must obtain and prosecutors must go through in child abuse cases.
  • Guidelines when it comes to requesting and acquiring electronic health records.
  • A thorough review of the different medical files to be obtained discussing its content, inclusions, limitations, importance, and pointers to watch out for in each of these.
  • The significance of running and reviewing the medical reports/results with child abuse pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and pediatric experts.
  • Dyanne’s recommended guide when organizing your case facts/story.
  • The importance of consulting and clarifying with medical professionals involved in a child abuse case to walk you through all the medical jargons and other technicalities.
  • A comprehensive guide to navigating through all the various medical reports, the points to focus on, keywords to look out for, common defense tactics, and tips when writing your case synopsis.
  • Dyanne and Roger responded to the audience’s queries concerning:
    • State directories of PAs and child abuse pediatricians
    • A resource literature called The Child Abuse Quarterly
    • The SNAT bone survey
    • The importance of investigating further despite autopsy providing natural causes of death
    • The significance of teachers; and school nurses’ notes in child abuse cases and if these are protected by HIPAA
    • The role of the Educational Privacy Act plays in child abuse
    • Working and building relationships with hospitals and medical professionals for an investigation
    • The most impactful medical witnesses in child abuse case trials
    • The process id it is the healthcare worker who reached out to law enforcement about a potential child abuse case
    • Tracing a child’s medical history through their insurance


Resources Mentioned During the Webinar

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