Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Networks in the U.S.

Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Networks in the U.S.
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded October 17, 2017
Unit 1Recording: Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Network
Unit 2Webinar Notes: Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Networks in the U.S.

For the typical Joe or Jane, the threat of terrorism may seem like multiple isolated cases resulting from different factors. What is rarely seen is the interlocking network of organizations and individuals that serve as socio-political influencers that shape how the world perceives terror attacks and how it is linked to Islam and the Islamic concept of Jihad.

Chris Guabatz, our key informant and resource speaker, is the Vice President of Understanding the Threat. His insider-knowledge and experience dealing with Jihadi organizations are the product of a 6-month in-depth research as he went undercover, where he saw first-hand what’s happening in these organizations. He infiltrated Jihadi organizations, interacted with Hamas leaders and obtained critical documents and covert audio and video recording. Since then, Chris made it his mission to educate law enforcement on what they’re really dealing with when it comes to these Jihadis.

Chris took a highly controversial case and its pool of evidence to illustrate the complex structure of Jihadi Networks in the United States. The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development is the largest Islamic charity organization in the US. Until December 2001, post-9/11 when it was shut down after being tagged as a terrorist organization. He goes through the intricacies of the case to explain the context of Jihadi organizations and their networks’ operations.

Chris covered various subjects in this webinar, unpacking specific areas such as:

  • What Understanding the Threat is, the organization’s objectives, services, and function.
  • The comprehensive training UTT offers that discusses the subject of Islam, Sharia, Jihad and its key players.
  • Our current socio-political climate 16 years after 9/11.
  • A history of the events that transpired in the last 100 years leading to the present time.
  • The dissolution of the Caliphate in Turkey which led to what Muslims saw as a prohibition in the exercise of their faith.
  • The founding of the Muslim Brotherhood shortly after the Caliphate was dissolved.
  • The hostile elements of the mission, vision, values, and objective laid down by the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • What the Holy Land Foundation is, and the investigation that led to the charity’s shutdown and its leaders’ conviction.
  • Pieces of evidence that demonstrated how the organization funneled $ 12 million USD to fund Hamas and/or the Palestinian Mujahedeen.
  • Documents used as evidence in the HLF Trial that laid out the network of individuals and organizations operating under the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • List of unindicted co-conspirators, entities, and individuals that have remained uninvestigated despite confirmed leads.
  • Information about North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) that attests support to Hamas.
  • An FBI memo from the late 80s that provided detailed information about the Islamic Revolution, Jihad, their propaganda and plans of infiltrating the government.
  • Snapshot of the comprehensive organizational, structure, objective, functions and action plans.
  • Statistics illustrating the scope of the Muslim Brotherhood across all the States, and their efforts in increasing influence since the 60s.
  • Verifying your local Islamic Center or Islamic Society’s link to the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • The different organizations operating under the Muslim Brotherhood and their various functions.
  • Muslim Brotherhood personalities that serve in the US government indicating MB’s reach of influence in the federal and state level.
  • The impact of the Muslim Brotherhood’s presence and influence on our national security.


Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America by Paul David Guabatz and Paul Sperry

CAIR is HAMAS | Understanding the Threat

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