Understanding Gender Based Hate Crimes

Understanding Gender Based Hate Crimes
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2020-03-19
Unit 1Slide Deck: Understanding Gender Based Hate Crimes
Unit 2Workbook: Understanding Gender Based Hate Crimes
Unit 3Recording: Understanding Gender Based Hate Crimes

Hate crimes are those that are committed to individuals over reasons like the color of their skin, the religion they practice, the heritage of their parents, the disability they possess, their sexual orientation, their gender, or their gender identity. In these instances, the entire class of individuals that fall under the category that the hate crime is directed to are impacted.

This session will focus on gender-based hate crime and understanding its implications. To talk about this topic are Jessica Reeves and Michael Lieberman from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Jessica has been with the ADL for 6 years and is currently the Editorial Director who oversees ADL’s publications. Meanwhile, Michael joined ADL in 1982 and is currently their Washington Counsel and Director of their Civil Rights Policy Planning Center where he leads efforts related to civil rights policy and enforcement.

Specifics they unpacked on this course include:

  • The ADL’s Center on Extremism – the goals, mission and the work that they’re involved in.
  • ADL’s When Women are the Enemy Report – a publication they put out that dissects misogyny – the ideology, the key players, and their recommendations on the issue.
  • The three primary communities that make up the manosphere.
    • Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) who believe they’re being victimized by feminism, and the movement’s history and goals.
    • Pick Up Artists (PUAs) who enable abuse and rape culture through the concept of the game where men are made to believe that mistreating women is the way to win them over.
    • Involuntary Celibates (Incels) who puts blame on women over their lack of success in dating and sex.
  • A closer look at incels.
    • Self-reported statistics that provide some understanding of the community.
    • Key incel personalities and the critical events of violence linked to them.
    • The concept of hypergamy perpetuated within the incel community.
    • Chad, Stacy and the Normies: Terms used within the incel culture and the narrative they promote.
    • Incels’ obsession with physical appearance and plastic surgery to become what they assume to be attractive for women.
    • The content of their online communities that features misogyny and unattainable ideals.
    • Incels’ link to alt-right and white supremacist factions as observed in the language and beliefs of the members.
    • The victimization that they breed which escalates into aggression.
    • The pathways in which they recruit community members as demonstrated through search engine algorithms and the story of a 13-year-old who joined the alt-right.
  • Hate crime reporting in the US.
    • A look into the existing data from the FBI’s UCR.
    • The problematic nature of reporting due to delayed publications and incomplete and inaccurate data.
    • The FBI’s Hate Crime Training Guide that aims to educate law enforcement towards better identification, response, and reporting.
    • Other efforts and resources to help agencies come up with better policies, training, and practices surrounding hate crimes.
  • The importance of raising awareness and getting stakeholders to be better invested in the issue.

Questions raised by the audience were on:

  • The sources of the data presented.
  • The growth of misogyny cases reported.
  • The origins of the MRAs and the manosphere.
  • The existence of female incels.
  • The two sides of how the Me Too movement impacted gender-based hate crimes.
  • The programs that center on policy, training, and reporting aimed to address hate crimes.


Resources Mentioned During the Webinar



Audience Comments

  • “The information was great.” — Lana
  • “I was not familiar, at all, with Incels and their mission. Heard lots of terms I was not familiar with, as well. Thank you for offering this!” — Danna
  • “More work needs to be done for this special population.” — Eugene
  • “The most interesting part was hearing how different hate communities are connecting, cross-contaminating each other, and becoming additional avenues to support/spur on actual violence.” — Carol
  • “I like the examples they showed us and video to have a good understanding of the mindset and people discussed in the webinar. Great info!” — Alecia
  • “I loved this webinar. Very informative.” — Jennifer
  • The names and descriptions of different organized groups which target women was very interesting, as I knew just about a few. Statistics are interestingly scary. Thank you for sharing such great information with others. — Laura
  • I was unaware the white male misogyny was so “alive and well”. I had not a clue of the angry young white men posting hate about “Chads” and “Stacys”. This was extremely eye-opening for someone new to the field. Thank you! — Rebecca



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