Traffic Safety Through Education, Engineering, and Enforcement

Traffic Safety Through Education, Engineering, and Enforcement
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2020-08-20
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Police work is often associated with keeping the community safe through crime reduction, investigation, and maintaining peace and order. But one facet that touches the community the most is their work in traffic management.

Dr. Jeff Fox is back on the Justice Clearinghouse to talk about traffic safety. Dr. Fox has a prolific law enforcement background spanning 27 years where he’s worked in various roles. He’s also served as the Statewide Incident Management Program Manager for the Virginia Department of Transportation. He’s an educator and trainer who has taught in colleges and universities as well as through his company, Fox Public Safety Training. He’s also written books in the field of criminal justice.

Specifics of this webinar tackled:

  • A snapshot of statistics on the prevalence of traffic fatalities, accidents due to distracted driving, and the common fatality victims.
  • The most common traffic safety interventions and approaches utilized in the field.
    • The 3Es approach of education, engineering and enforcement, and the two supplemental Es – emergency services and evaluation.
    • A multi-disciplinary team approach for incident management but also addresses the incident before it happens.
    • A local roadway safety plan that is supported by the leadership and with data-driven strategies that understand the inevitability of human error and uphold the value of human life.
    • Traffic Safety models that focus on the engineering of vehicles and roads, and behavior of drivers, enforcers and even land developers.
    • The Safe System approach that underlines safety in terms of speed, vehicles, roads, and its users.
  • Zeroing in on driver’s education by reviewing the time spent and quality of education both new and ongoing drivers receive, as well as exposing them to the consequences of recklessness.
  • Engineering efforts that may be implemented through cautionary and pre-emptive measures on the roads and innovations that provide driver guidance and prevent accidents from occurring.
  • Enforcement initiatives that agencies, officers in cooperation with the courts, may adopt to address local traffic safety concerns.
  • Guidelines in emergency response and incident management to provide faster and better emergency care and manage traffic impact.
  • The value in conducting post-incident evaluations through After-Action Reports and collating crash data to be used to further improve education, engineering, enforcement, and emergency response efforts.

Questions from the audience were about:

  • Technologies that may be implemented on the roads.
  • How the current political climate impacts enforcement of traffic safety laws.
  • What traffic calming is and what it accomplishes.
  • Getting police officers to understand the importance of enforcing traffic law.
  • Channels to educate the residents of the community of traffic safety.
  • The value in maximizing signages.



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Audience Comments

  • “Topic surrounding motivating officers to understand reason for traffic enforcement and gaining their “buy-in.” — Jim
  • “A lot of good information. I really liked the idea of using rumple stops in neighborhoods to remind drivers to watch their speed.” — Jeff
  • “The information provided was very informative learned new things that I previously did not know. The instructor was very knowledgeable.” — Karla
  • “Excellent webinar by Dr. Fox…Accident investigation education is a must.” — Robert


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