Tiffany Griffith

Tiffany Griffith is a graduate of Remington College with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.  Ms. Griffith has worked as probation officer for the past 6 years and has previous experience as a surveillance officer for 6 years, all with Yavapai County, Arizona.  Ms. Griffith has had experience working with Intensive Probationers, Sex Offenders, Drug and DUI Clients, as well as those on Standard Probation Supervision.  She is currently the probation officer for the Yavapai County Verde Consolidated Therapeutic Courts and Family Treatment Court.  She has also been the creator for the new participant Drug and DUI Court Orientation being piloted in the Verde Valley, AZ.  Ms. Griffith is the Lead of the Yavapai County Verde Valley Search Team and participates on a few different committees at the Yavapai County Adult Probation Department, including the Morale Committee and the Position Change Committee.  She is also a former AZ state certified Defensive Tactics instructor.  Ms. Griffith is a peer mentor for new probation officers and assists in training and development for those who have recently been hired in the Verde Valley.  In her free time, Ms. Griffith has two children, one of who plays competitive travel softball and travels around the southwest to watch her play, as well as her son who plays soccer.

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