The Success Equation: The formula to help you master any area of your life FAST!

The Success Equation: The formula to help you master any area of your life FAST!
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-01-20
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So many things to do, so little time. We all have goals for different aspects of our lives that it just seems impossible to accomplish all at the same time. If only there is one straightforward solution that we can be provided with, maybe our lives can be just a little bit better. Fortunately, Marc Hildebrand is willing to share his universal success equation to help us excel in our careers,  work on our health, and improve our relationships.

Marc Hildebrand is currently a law enforcement officer from the Los Angeles Police Department and is the host of the Master Your Mindset Podcast. Marc’s struggles with his health which affected his family and career motivated him to get into the best shape of his life which consequently positively impacted his career trajectory and family life.

Specifics of this webinar covered:

  • Reflecting on the goals we want to achieve if pain and sacrifice were not in the equation.
  • A retelling of Mark’s story of struggle, transformation, and success as context on how he came up with his universal success equation.
  • The need to recognize that if we want to change our outcomes we must also change our routines.
  • The importance of consistency particularly small actions and changes that we can sustainably implement in our daily lives to move closer towards our goal.
    • How consistency as a leader impacts not just ourselves but others as well as we model ideal behavior and set expectations.
    • Actions that support consistency via small habits through books and other resources, reflecting on our motivations, and being around people with the same values and goals.
  • What is intensity and what does it look like in action.
    • What intensity enables us to do and its ability to defy odds.
    • Engaging intensity in our life by focusing on our health, prioritizing our time and how it is spent, and finding other people with the same level of intensity.
  • The value of worth and belief in getting us to manifest our goals and possibilities.
    • How we tend to justify our fears and excuses through our limiting beliefs.
    • Differentiating confidence and self-confidence and its importance in our sense of worth.
    • Recognizing that there are no failures, only successes and lessons learned.
    • Working and enhancing our sense of worth through affirmations, leading with the heart voice, and deterring our limiting beliefs.
  • The element of time and its relationship with consistency, intensity, and worth.
    • The dynamics between the elements where turning up the three other variables automatically turns down time.
    • Working on developing our skills to make optimal use of time.
    • Keeping track of our progress through time to help us realize how far we’ve come.
  • Examples were provided to demonstrate how this equation can be applied in the workplace/businesses, in our health, and in our relationships.

Points raised during the Q&A are about:

  • The part of the success equation to first work on if we’re starting from zero.
  • Techniques and questions to ask to enable us to focus more on our heart voice than our head voice.
  • Prioritizing our heart voice’s goals and desires and selecting which one to focus on first.
  • What self-confidence is.
  • How to implement these techniques when we’re also dealing and healing from trauma, depression, or other mental health concerns.
  • Handling burnout and using the universal success equation to change our trajectory.


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Audience Comments

  • “Tips on modifying self-talk to be motivating, management of goals/expectations for self, and generally getting a boost of encouragement without judgment.” — Tara
  • “I realized that I have been listening to my head more than my heart and it brings tears to my eyes but at least now I know why I’ve been feeling stagnate! It also helped to know that doing something small every day can make big changes. This webinar was informative and encouraging and I appreciated the energy and passion in which it was presented. Thank you!” — Temeka
  • “Marc’s energy is incredible! I appreciate that he addressed HEAD and HEART and gave us good, mini-steps of practical suggestions. Thank you!” — Rebecca
  • “The basic formula he provided: Consistency + Intensity + Worth (Belief) = Anything we want to achieve. Loved the many resources provided to dig in deeper, plus the reminder to just start! Thank you!” — Mary
  • “The idea of inserting intensity into everything you do. I’ve realized so many of my inputs into my life are lacking in intensity.” — Matt
  • “The most valuable thing to me was learning “The Universal Success Equation”. I loved how Marc broke it down step by step. I knew that changing your lifestyle included consistency and time, but never imaged intensity and worth. These 4 keys rely on one another. One of the best webinars that I have ever experienced!” — Jeanette
  • “I will work on spending more quality time with my co-workers to build a better working relationship. Unfortunately, “titles” separate people relationships!” — Johnnie-Mae
  • “I can’t tell you how encouraging Marc’s presentation was. Please thank Marc for his outstanding advice on improving ourselves.” — Mary


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