The Secret Behind Getting into Incredible Shape while Working Our Crazy Careers

The Secret Behind Getting into Incredible Shape while Working Our Crazy Careers
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2021-05-25
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We all want to be the best version of ourselves. Unfortunately, as we juggle so many things in our lives, we sometimes find ourselves dropping some of these, with one aspect suffering as we focus on another. Marc Hildebrand shares a three-step plan to ensure that we remain balanced and make lasting positive changes in different aspects of our lives. Marc starts the discussion with health and fitness and integrates the concepts to  family and career.

Marc is a Law Enforcement Officer from the Los Angeles Police Department. After struggling between his demanding career, family, and  a 100-pound weight loss journey, he is now in the best shape of his life and effecting positive changes to maintain work-life balance. He made it his goal to motivate other justice practitioners to take the same approach and change their lives for the better.

This webinar’s discussion involved:

  • Marc’s story that may resonate with others who find themselves in the rock bottom of their lives, and wanting to make shifts towards better circumstances and life in general.
  • Mistakes that people often do when implementing changes which is to focus on tactics and get caught up in the befores and afters.
  • The value of mindset
    • How it determines our emotions and actions.
    • Adopting a growth mindset to be more welcoming of change and challenges, and practicing positive mindset to attract and create positive outcomes.
    • Finding the reason for change and how changes made internally impact the people around us.
    • Fueling our mindset with useful resources, allocating time to deepen the motivation for it, and removing people and things that drag us down.
    • Building-up the mindset through small incremental changes until it becomes established.
  • Language is critical
    • How our self-talk and the language we use when creating the narrative about ourselves influences our actions and how we show up to the world.
    • Using assertive language that emphasizes what we’re already doing instead of narrative language that focuses on what we are yet to do.
    • A guide on statements to avoid and the phrases to use in its place to open up opportunities, possibilities, change, and solutions into our lives.
  • Why accountability matters
    • How accountability works when we put it out there, don’t give in to excuses, and set ourselves to a higher standard.
    • Tips on how to practice accountability by surrounding ourselves with people with similar values and goals, and can serve as proof of the potential we have.
    • Eliminating noise that can get us off track from our goals.
  • Implementing what is learned on this webinar to our day-to-day lives to make it truly effective.
  • The importance of defining success on our own terms and ensuring that other aspects of our lives are not being put on the back burner due to a skewed perception of success.

Questions and comments raised by the audience are on:

  • Marc’s podcast.
  • How our inner growth is reflected in the external results.
  • Recommended resources, related topics, and how to best consume these.
  • Assembling Masterminds and what happens in these groups.
  • Marc’s wife’s journey and involvement in the Mastermind.
  • Inspiring and motivating pessimistic people.
  • The time management required to develop positive habits.



Audience Comments

  • “I really liked how he wasn’t trying to spin it to everything rainbows and butterflies, but instead of a fixed thought reframing it to “how would my day look if” etc — Amy
  • “Changing negative self-talk into something positive and providing the statements to use. Excellent resources and great information!” — Anna
  • “Everything was great. I could listen to him for a whole day! Or more!” — Becky
  • “One of the most valuable things I learned from this Webinar was if you focus on the positive you’ll get more positive results, and if you focus on the negative you’ll get more negative results.” — Brenda
  • “I really liked how Mark linked wellness and getting into shape to mindset. It really is the core component of health.” — Burma
  • “EXCELLENT presentation! Energy, conversationalist, information—loved it!” — Corinna
  • “Very motivational speaker, kept my interest :-)” — Esmeralda
  • “Marc definitely showed up big time for all of us. He hit on powerful concepts that will resonate with everyone in the audience. There were many valuable lessons in the presentation but I connected with reflecting on the question he asked about “Who needs your A game?” It is hard to not get motivated to better yourself when your relationship with your family is on the line. Great Job!” — John
  • “The numerous different ways presented in order to be positive and motivated. The was one of the best webinars I’ve attended!” — Joycelynne
  • “This webinar honestly was an eye-opener for me, motivated me to take action and stop making excuses. Marc absolutely inspired me! Hope to see him presenting more webinars like this. Great webinar! so glad I attended.” — Veronica
  • “Marc did a great job in presenting, the topic was close to his heart which he demonstrated a passion for sharing information to make meeting health/fitness goals attainable. I really enjoyed the quick fire of information which was not so much so as to not keep up and enough to remain active and engaged. There are a handful of points I plan to use!!!” — Rebecca
  • “As a crime victim advocate and caretaker to my 90-year-old mother-in-law, I lost motivation and was developing negative thoughts. It inspired me to get back on a positive track. These webinars are highly recommended for humanitarians – we need this to be successful at home and at work. Thank you!” — Terry




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