The Money Counter Network: Follow the Money and Solve Cases

The Money Counter Network: Follow the Money and Solve Cases
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2024-03-19
Unit 1Presentation Materials: The Money Counter Network: Follow the Money and Solve Cases
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The Money Counter Network (MCN) is a revolutionary web-connected system that serves as an essential tool for law enforcement by enabling the tracking of currency used in operations or seized during investigations. This session explores the capabilities and benefits of the MCN as developed by the Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS).

Leading the discussion is Kent Shaw, he has 35 years of law enforcement experience serving the California Department of Justice as its Chief of the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, Chief of the Bureau of Investigation, and the Deputy Director of the Division of Law Enforcement. A graduate of the FBI National Academy #239, he is currently the Executive Director of the Western States Information Network (WSIN), a part of the national RISS.

Points covered on this webinar include:

  • RISS: Its scope, work, membership, structure, and offered services.
  • A look into the traditional methods of tracking and documenting currency in law enforcement operations.
  • How money counters revolutionized the process with high-speed, accurate counting, and advanced features like counterfeit detection, data export, and support for multiple currencies.
  • How the MCN further enhances the capabilities of money counters in investigation by linking machines and agencies, enabling efficient tracking through a searchable national database.
  • A brief history of the MCN’s inception and development since.
  • A rundown of the RISS MCN’s features and capabilities that facilitate law enforcement investigations.
  • A snapshot of the reports that the MCN generates and provides to assist agencies and investigators build robust cases and generate investigative leads.
  • The benefits that the RISS MCN can provide agencies with at zero cost.
  • A glimpse into the agencies that contribute to the RISS MCN system and statistics demonstrating the extent that the system is able to assist law enforcement.
  • A live demonstration showing the ease of use of the RISS MCN system – from the money counter machine, and the automation within the system, to the email reports and hit notifications it provides.
  • The different models and cost of money counters that are compatible with the RISS MCN and the system requirements to run the RISS MCN.
  • Case examples were provided where the RISS MCN facilitated successful money and drug-related investigations.
  • Unique ways to leverage the capabilities of the RISS MCN in burglaries, stop and robs, and even tracking activities of criminal organizations.
  • Ongoing developments for the RISS MCN with the portable mobile app and criminal intelligence database integration.

Questions from the webinar attendees are about:

  • Data storage and management in the system.
  • Compatible money counter models to the RISS MCN system.
  • Availability of loaner money counting machines from RISS centers.
  • How it works with spotting suspected counterfeits.
  • Suppressing the counts and totals.
  • The condition of the bill to be read and processed appropriately by the RISS MCN.
  • Training on the RISS MCN system.
  • Availability of the MCN outside of the US.


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Audience Comments

  • “The presentation was done very well and very informative.”
  • “This was a good webinar, very useful.”
  • “Good information and good presenters!”
  • “Thank you for going over some functions of the money counter. While we basically only use the MC to capture our covert funds, it was eye-opening to understand the capabilities of the machine. Thank you!”
  • “I appreciate the live demonstration. Very helpful.”



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