The Impact of Leadership on Organizational Culture and Morale

The Impact of Leadership on Organizational Culture and Morale
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-09-29
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Given the issues and changes that the policing profession is facing, leaders are now looking for ways to keep their people engaged and satisfied in their jobs. How to achieve that with limited resources though? Obed Magny is back on the Justice Clearinghouse as he shares how to leverage organizational culture in improving employee morale and performance, and the agency as a whole.

Obed is a former police officer with nearly two decades of experience. He is the founder and CEO of Magny Leadership where he provides coaching and guidance to individuals and organizations on topics like job satisfaction and motivation. He is also a co-founding member and executive board member of the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing, an NIJ LEADS (Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science) Scholar Alum, and a Policing Fellow at the National Policing Institute.

Points covered in this webinar include:

  • The importance of putting the work to get to our goals and paying attention to trends and societal movements to remain relevant.
  • The different issues plaguing the law enforcement field.
    • The mass exodus due to poor leadership, lack of fairness, respect, engagement and growth, unfair evaluations and unclear expectations, and the demands of the job.
    • The recruitment issue brought about by the profession’s image making it not as appealing as a career as it used to be.
    • Poor morale within law enforcement as it related to the aforementioned issues.
  • The need to acknowledge the crisis that the policing profession is in and the need for a change that other industries are likewise adopting.
  • The concepts of culture, organizational culture, morale, and organizational justice.
  • The three distinct levels that comprise organizational culture according to Edgar Schein.
  • The elements that make up organizational culture – perceptions of fairness and actual fairness in the procedures.
  • How organizationally fair supervisors affect their subordinates’ outcomes and job satisfaction, and the agency’s sense of legitimacy and trustworthiness.
  • How a shift in the leader’s perspective when it comes to the people they work with, a conscious choice, and commitment jumpstarts change in organizational culture.
  • Guidelines and steps to take into account to create that culture change in the organization.
    • How anyone – not just supervisors and leaders – can initiate culture change through a spirit of serving, influence, and a positive attitude.
    • Seeking employee feedback and sentiment through surveys to gauge the areas for improvement to address to activate changes in culture.
    • Solving problems immediately starting with the easiest ones and encouraging dissent to address the people’s true concerns.
    • Engaging employees through training and development, rewards and recognition, finding lessons in failures, and creating a culture of psychological safety where speaking up is encouraged.
  • Examples of police departments where change in organizational culture is created, transformational leadership is embraced, and self-care is highly valued.
  • The reality that it requires investment in resources and valuing the people to develop a strong organizational culture that improves the morale of the employees and the productivity of the agency.

Questions from the webinar attendees are about:

  • Trying to make a change in a workplace where diversity, equality, and inclusion are not embraced.
  • Top leadership that doesn’t take responsibility for making changes in culture despite having the data to support the need for it.
  • Where agencies can start at to create incremental changes in the culture.



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Audience Comments

  • “Awesome pep talk for leadership. Loved today’s presentation!” — Jeri
  • “The concept that you don’t have to be a supervisor to change an agency culture.” — Jodi
  • “I was satisfied with the contents of this webinar.” — Joseph
  • “I really enjoyed the speaker’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and presentation. I would love to learn more on how to be impactful in improving morale and organizational culture, as we have a very high turnover rate.” — Kaleena
  • “It was a good reminder that as supervisors we have influence. Generally speaking, People quit managers they don’t quit jobs…” — Ken
  • “A good reading list. Anyone can influence positive change in the organization. I really enjoyed the refreshing perspective. I wish that I would have made sure that my administration was aware of the webinar.” — Jacob





The American Society of EvidenceBased Policing is a non-profit organization started by working police officers designed to drive the national conversation towards ensuring that the least harmful, most effective, fairest, and safest strategies are employed to prevent crime, reduce harm, and improve community wellness.





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