The Human in Humanity: Lessons for Criminal Justice Professionals

The Human in Humanity: Lessons for Criminal Justice Professionals
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2023-10-31
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Is working in public safety leaving you stressed? Does serving other people leave you tired and unfulfilled? This discussion looks into the challenges faced by law enforcement professionals on the job and how changes done outside of work can profoundly impact how they show up as professionals.

This session’s speaker is Dr. Shaun Ward, a 20-year law enforcement veteran and the Founder and CEO of the SLW Group, a management consultancy firm focused on investing in people. He is also a National Institute of Justice LEADS Scholar, a policing fellow with the National Policing Institute, and a guest instructor at the FBI National Academy.

Specifics he covered in this webinar include:

  • Shaun’s experience in law enforcement where he has a strong desire to make a difference but faced with challenges in the profession which led to dissatisfaction.
  • Human in humanity: The need to maintain humanity, empathy, and compassion within a profession that tends to be draining.
  • How focusing on the human – particularly self-care and well-being – is essential to show up effectively for the community.
  • How conditioning the leader to become great and efficient requires a somewhat counterintuitive approach of stepping back, taking breaks, and putting stopgaps in place.
  • Developing social well-being by building and maintaining positive relationships outside of one’s career.
  • The process of self-discovery towards self-awareness through self-reflection of goals and progress and facilitating conversations to learn from others.
  • How what may seem like routine work to law enforcement and public safety professionals is actually impacting others at a much larger scale and is changing lives.
  • How first responders deal with so many emotions in different situations on the job which slowly depletes emotional well-being.
  • Examples of activities to help reset and refill emotional well-being.
  • Tying social and emotional well-being together in the concept of psychological well-being – which manifests as fulfillment that negates burnout.
  • The fulfillment test that looks into the options and sense of peace one has when no longer deriving purpose and meaning from the profession.
  • The ripple effect: How changes taken internally by the individuals is the foundation that influences peers and impacts the greater community being served.
  • How building resilience and agility helps professionals navigate challenges, seek help when needed, and demonstrate empathy.
  • How law enforcement professionals play a crucial role in shaping community relationships one person and interaction at a time.
  • What it means to be selfish to be at a better place to be of service to others.

Points raised during the Q&A are about:

  • Apply well-being during work.
  • Finding meaning and value in one’s work.
  • Barriers and the stigma in embracing wellness and self-care.
  • How leaders can model well-being.
  • Networking and navigating social media as criminal justice professionals.
  • Starting conversations with managers about well-being.



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Audience Comments

  • “I appreciated stressing the importance of self-care in this career field.” — Sarah
  • “It was very heartfelt and informational. Good to hear it.” — Shelby
  • “I am a court magistrate who works closely with Law Enforcement and have come to realize we also have to take care of ourselves just like First Responders do. Some days I go home feeling like a social worker dealing with everything from addiction to people with mental health problems.” — TERESA
  • “This topic is not o Ku for the public safety space but for everyone. Dr. Ward had great advice and would love another webinar from him.” — Teresa
  • “I really enjoyed this webinar. The advice was tangible and rich. I hope more leaders and agencies can adapt Dr. Ward’s insight into action.” — Victoria
  • “The Presenter delivered and in-depth presentation with thoughtfulness and shared valuable information during the question session.” AWESOME!!! — Vivian
  • “Everything presented! An amazing presentation probably and surely one of the best I’ve had this year.” — Andra
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