The Future Of Citizen Identity Issuance

The Future Of Citizen Identity Issuance
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2020-01-29
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In our attempt to make things easier in today’s world, we might be inadvertently making things complicated too. With all the innovations we’re seeing, everyone is playing catch up. This likewise applies to the government which aims to deliver better services to their constituents. Citizen identity is one of the areas that the government is paying close attention to. An effective citizen identity issuance system is expected to address issues that citizens experience when it comes to service accessibility, privacy, and security while simplifying government processes at the same time.

To provide a walk-through on the critical points of citizen identity issuance is Martin Hoff. Martin is from Entrust Datacard Corporation where he works as the Product Marketing Manager. He has extensive experience in Field and Corporate Marketing in IT services and products.

Specifics he covered on this session are:

  • A look into the world population, urbanization, and its speed of growth.
  • The issues encountered by the government in terms of service levels and security brought about by densely populated ecosystems.
  • The rise of smart cities that urges government to provide improved services that can be integrated with existing and future technology.
  • The basic rights and services that citizens don’t get to experience and receive due to lack of basic forms of identity.
  • How the concept of identity is evolving from being just a name and photo to a more secure and unique system that includes biometric and behavioral data.
  • The various ways identity cards are being utilized in government services and programs.
  • How ID programs result in reduced fraud, lower costs, improved service levels, better accessibility, enhanced safety and security, inclusivity, and greater trust and citizen satisfaction.
  • Factors to take into account when designing a card program such as cost, customization, reliability, and compatibility and integration to different technologies.
  • A look into the different ways the governments improve and provide services through the use of ID cards.
  • Samples of two use cases for ID cards – its features, how they’re used, and the issuance process.
  • San Francisco’s Access-to-Banking program
    • The issue with “unbanked” citizens and the risks they’re exposed to.
    • Its aim to establish relationships between citizens and financial institutions.
    • The program’s benefits of providing financial literacy, services, security, and stability.
  • The different instances that authentication may be required in the workplace.
  • A brief overview of the Entrust Datacard Authentication identity issuance system.

Q&A questions concerned:

  • Common mistakes or oversight when agencies implement an identity issuance program.
  • Compliance with specific regulations.
  • How one ID can be programmed to access various services.
  • The information and data that is included in an ID and others that may still be added and integrated.
  • The possibility of using digital identity solutions to store criminal history.
  • Using officer badges to access agency equipment and facilities.
  • Concealed carry cards’ ability to verify validity.


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Audience Comments:

  • “The topic is interesting, and I agree we only scratched the topic.”  –K
  • “A wealth of information presented by the speaker.” — Michael
  • “Very informative.” — Phyllis



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