The Five Best Ways to Manage Talent

The Five Best Ways to Manage Talent
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2023-06-13
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Given the recruitment and retention issues law enforcement organizations are facing, it makes sense to focus on talent management. After all, when the workforce is happy, they’re more likely to stay and attract other candidates. This session outlines predictive strategies to consider so organizations can better manage the best resources they have – their people.

Leading the discussion is Jonni Reddick, a public speaker, coach, consultant, CEO of JLConsultingSolutions, and author of Survival Guide to Law Enforcement Promotional Preparation and Black, White & Blue. She is a retired Assistant Chief with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and was also the first female captain in the Contra Costa CHP office.

Specifics of Jonni’s presentation are as follows:

  • How executives are seeking solutions for recruitment and retention challenges, including creative approaches that meet employees’ needs for flexibility, growth opportunities, and meaning/purpose.
  • What performance management is and the challenges employees and organizations both face related to it.
  • The process of performance appraisals, issues identified about the process, and the need for feedback and standardization for the process to be consistent and effective.
  • What talent mapping is, and the definition, revision, and reclassification of job roles involved in it.
  • How a talent matrix can assess employee performance and potential and types of which.
  • What succession planning involves, its characteristics, and what it accomplishes.
  • The value in creating a succession planning cadre for the organization, the leaders, and the rest of the manpower, and examples of what it can accomplish.
  • The importance of training and development in enhancing employee enthusiasm, confidence, and ideas and the difference between training and development.
  • Utilizing committees and job rotations as part of training and development and the benefits of these.
  • What talent development is, the process of identifying high-potential people, and talent development ideas worth integrating into organizations.
  • The concept of employee engagement, the elements required to foster a nurturing work environment that invests in personal connection and setting healthy boundaries.
  • How career management is a shared responsibility between the organization and the individual.
  • Debunking the idea that career movement always has to be upward.
  • The importance of individual career planning and managing career planning is establishing employee commitment to the organization as well as facilitating recruitment, retention, and job satisfaction.

Points touched upon during the Q&A are about:

  • References mentioned during the presentation.
  • Measuring soft skills for effectiveness.
  • How to handle questions about previous negative evaluations in a promotion board.



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Audience Comments

  • very good webinar — DIANA
  • Multi-faceted approach to talent management — Evan
  • “Training is short term and development is long-term. Ideas need to be executed to make a change.” — Mary
  • “How you nurture the work environment matters.” — Yetunde




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