The Benefits of Correctional Intelligence Led Policing

The Benefits of Correctional Intelligence Led Policing
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2021-02-16
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It’s about time we recognize the value of corrections. Not just to merely protect the community by keeping the bad guys out of the streets, but also through the wealth of information that its population hold. Those incarcerated know how crime, violence, and other unlawful activities are occurring within the community, and if not, probably knows or is associated with someone who might. Knowing this is critical in strategizing on how to prevent and respond to illegal transactions and criminal entities.

Joining Justice Clearinghouse to provide a comprehensive discussion on correctional intelligence are Indiana Department of Correction’s Chris Eloiza and Gabrielle Padilla. Chris is a sworn Law Enforcement Officer for the IDOC, assigned at the Intelligence Unit as the coordinator. Meanwhile, Gabrielle is the Supervisor of Intelligence Services employed by GTL and contracted to the Indiana Department of Correction.

Specific topics included:

  • The purpose of correctional intelligence to prevent crime – not just within the halls of the facility but the community as well.
  • The human intelligence: The sources of human intelligence within the correctional environment and the importance of building rapport for this component.
  • A detailed look into the different correctional resources available for intelligence gathering.
  • The benefits of correctional intelligence to law enforcement in terms of establishing crime history, networks, and associations; validating leads, evidence, and other information; and forecasting and preventing future activities.
  • Videos were included that exhibit how correctional intelligence is leveraged at the IDOC and the outcomes of correctional intelligence paired with law enforcement action.
  • Ways that correctional intelligence is being applied in law enforcement and specifics on how this is done.
    • Identifying subjects by analyzing communications, transactions, and personal associations.
    • Understanding radicalization – the characters involved and their activities.
    • Locating wanted subjects, monitoring their activities, and gathering information on weapons they’re using and where it is being used.
    • Acquainting with drug concealment methods, pricing, and trafficking to help with drug interdiction.
  • The key components of building partnerships with related agencies that may benefit from correctional intelligence.
    • Transparency and effective communication between stakeholders.
    • Collaboration and information sharing as a force multiplier to the efforts.
    • Securing buy-in from partners by initiating the partnership and demonstrating its value.
    • Providing a dedicated team or individual to oversee the correctional intelligence partnerships.
    • A follow-up and feedback mechanism that informs stakeholders of each other’s needs and the successes of the concerted effort

Questions from the webinar participants were on:

  • IDOC’s correctional intelligence analyst’s headcount.
  • Other stakeholders outside of law enforcement that collaborate with IDOC.
  • Starting the conversation that leads to collaboration.
  • Dealing with correctional officers facilitating illicit activity within the prisons.
  • The technology used for data mining, case management, and analysis.
  • The value of drugs in the streets versus the price within corrections.
  • Workarounds related to limitations governed by Privacy Act.


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Audience Comments

  • “Really good information and some things were presented that I wasn’t aware of or hadn’t thought about before.” — Carrie
  • “As a Canadian Intelligence Officer for Provincial Corrections, It was great to see that the trends and topics were identical to what we deal with. As are the tools and the relationship building with our Enforcement counterparts. It reinforces our current practices and focus on sharing intelligence.” — Davidson
  • “Being new to corrections as an analyst (not a new analyst), anything that’s related to intelligence gathering and sharing within the corrections element is very helpful. There’s not a lot out there for us right now.” — Rhea
  • “The presenters clearly were experts in their field and provided the right amount of information for the timeframe allotted. Kudos to you all, well done.” — Hector
  • “I like the discussion on drug trends, how contraband is smuggled within and from the outside, how you gain info from recorded sessions , and that suboxen strips are most common, easy to smuggle ( street value vs jail value.” — Nina
  • “Excellent presentation, loved the speakers and the breadth of information provided.” — Nathalie



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