Take the Stress Out Of Your Money: Life Lessons for Criminal Justice Professionals

Take the Stress Out Of Your Money: Life Lessons for Criminal Justice Professionals
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2023-07-18
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The policing profession is a stressful and demanding industry by itself that requires individuals to be performing at their best to effectively serve the communities they swore to protect. The reality is financial stress can carry into the job – which exhausts law enforcement professionals and may put them in danger. This session explores the steps to financial wellness and its value specifically for the law enforcement community.

This session’s resource speaker is Courtney from Heroes Financial Coaching. Courtney is a veteran and police wife with first-hand experience in financially managing a household on a police officer’s salary. She helps other first responders and their families take the stress out of their finances through coaching and workshops.

Specifics of her discussion include:

  • Courtney’s financial journey from debt, how she was able to manage her finances and become debt-free, and how she dedicates her work to help others achieve the same.
  • The prevalence of financial stress within the US and how it can impact job performance and safety in the criminal justice field.
  • The benefits of proper money management in one’s job, relationship, and life in general.
  • Courtney’s three primary steps to financial wellness.
  • Budget
    • The frequency of budget tracking people tend to do and why people don’t budget.
    • The reasons why it’s important to budget.
    • A step-by-step on the basics of budgeting that looks into one’s income, goals, savings, and all forms of expenses.
    • The importance of living within one’s means and prioritizing what’s important.
    • Budgeting apps to help provide a clear picture of spending habits and prioritize financial goals.
    • The importance of removing negative emotions associated with money and budgeting and taking charge of one’s finances.
  • Emergency fund
    • What an emergency fund is and examples of circumstances where it is used.
    • The current state of Americans’ savings that lead to financial stress and a cycle of debt.
    • How much an emergency fund must be worth initially when there are still existing debts and the goal value once rid of debts.
    • Strategies to build an emergency fund by living less than one makes, bringing in extra income, and sticking by a timeline.
  • Life insurance and wills
    • Why a life insurance is crucial in law enforcement given the nature of the job.
    • The ideal coverage of life insurance in terms of annual income.
    • How it is cheaper for those who are younger and tend to be higher the older an individual gets.
    • The importance of having a will and where to have a will set up.
  • The next steps to consider and resources to check for financial wellness.

Questions from the webinar participants are about:

  • The smallest step to take to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck.
  • Involving and teaching children about financial planning.
  • Resources on money management.
  • Terms to use in place of budget if the word budget is too triggering.
  • Data privacy and security of the budget apps recommended.
  • Finding legit online-based side gigs to take.
  • Having separate accounts for spouses or partners.
  • Using the recommended budget apps with credit cards.
  • Cutting down on splurges instead of completely removing them.


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Audience Comments

  • “Using an app to track my spending habits, and how much money I should save when starting an emergency fund. I currently have a savings account, but the return is terrible! I have been wanting to switch to Navy Federal, so I think this was the final push that I needed. I also enjoyed the tip about using your CC and then paying it off as you go to earn points, I struggle with being more mindful of my CC charges/payments. This was a good intro to me becoming more in control of my finances.” — Kayla
  • “The apps and suggestions to budget every single dollar you make were very helpful. — Katrina
  • “Great information. I especially liked the guide for how much I need for a starter Emergency Fund. On to making a bare-bone budget to get out of debt.” — Lydia
  • “Budgeting can help with a lot of the current issues I am having with my finances.” — Tim
  • “The speaker was very positive and encouraging. Her personal anecdotes about actions she took during lean times gave her additional credibility. Thank you!” — Victoria
  • “I learned to not take out everything single thing you enjoy from your budget just because you are having financial difficulties. it’s important to still do things you like. I have no feedback; this webinar was fantastic. As far as ideas, I love to see topics regarding a variety of ways to save/invest money. Thanks for this great webinar.” — Catrice
  • “Courtney did a wonderful job with the presentation. It was very informative. I do not have a will or power of attorney but I will be looking into it now. Thank you.” — Cynthia




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